Farmington Hills, MI

We stopped in the beautiful city of Farmington Hills, Michigan, which was a recommendation of one of our artist friends in New York City last time we spotted her at the Guggenheim. As we informed many people we were travelling through Michigan, she recommended Farmington Hills because of the affluence of the city, and the great art galleries that resided within. She was not wrong.

We found a great gallery called Art Leaders that has locations all over Michigan, and we were pleased to see that they not only had pieces of art, but they also were a full service art shop, complete with decor, framing, and much more.

After spending about two hours there, and speaking with one of the managers, we got more information on the art scene that we had not heard about in Michigan. We heard about a couple of galleries that we needed to visit in Novi, and a couple in Royal Oak, which is another affluent part of Michigan, not far from Farmington Hills.

After only a couple cities, we feel like we may need a bit more time in Michigan, so we’re going to extend our trip a by 5 days so we can see all the great galleries we need to.

We actually are headed over to Ann Arbor as well, and are stopping at the Barton Dam, which is pictured below.

Beautiful Barton Dam. We will be getting a tour when we get to Ann Arbor tomorrow.
Beautiful Barton Dam. We will be getting a tour when we get to Ann Arbor tomorrow.

Check back for more updates soon.

A tour through Michigan

We’re taking a tour through Michigan currently, starting in Ann Arbor, then going over to Farmington Hills, Royal Oak, and then to the east side of the state to Grand Rapids and Battle Creek. The best part of this trip is that we have some friends in a few of these cities, and will be able to spend some time with them while also visiting some art galleries.

Whenever we are travelling, we spend a great deal of time in a rental car, so when we get to our desired cities, we normally take a taxi or call a limo company to take us around to the galleries. This is especially nice because of the massive amount of walking we would have to do if we didn’t have a car to take us to some of the galleries that are not in the normal art districts in the towns we are going to.

We have made several mistakes of choosing to walk, or not planning our transportation route correctly when we go to a new city that we are not familiar with, so now we do thorough research on if there are some galleries off the beaten path.

Check back here soon for more posts on our trip through Michigan!

Welcome to Bronte Spirit

Thanks for visiting us today at Bronte Spirit’s website. We are currently en route to San Francisco via Sunnyvale, where we will be stopping for a few days to visit with some great local artists in the Sunnyvale, San Jose, and Santa Clara community. When we travel, we like to make a large number of stops to find new artists in the communities that we are visiting.

We love California and travelling there, as the weather is almost always sunny, warm, or just warm enough so that we can travel comfortably. We have a few friends in the Sunnyvale area that are going to show us a good time, and we will be posting about that in the upcoming weeks as we look back on our travels.

As for this blog, we will attempt to post as frequently as possible to maintain some level of consistency with this, but please be patient as sometimes we can wander off and our minds get a little carried away with the art we are seeing. So, please don’t set your expectations for this blog too high.

We will be visiting the Sunnyvale Art gallery first, and we found a cool little YouTube video that highlights some of the artists that have been through their doors. Check it out:

We’re very excited for the next few days and the artists that we will meet. Check back soon for more!